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Video Goggles for Splash Drone or Spry 48 channel 5.8GHz Diversity receiver

These Orange Video Goggles have built in dual 5.8GHz 48 channel video receiver to bring your drone flying experience to the next level.

These goggles are an all in one ground station in a super compact form plus the added benefits of video diversity. The innovative imbedded front facing camera also lets you look around you with the touch of a button without needing to remove your goggles. Now you can launch and land your FPV aircraft LOS with ease, or take a quick look at your surroundings while on the ground.

The built in video diversity offers 48 channels on the 5.8GHz band, compatible with many popular video transmitters and work great with the Splash Drone or SwellPro Spry. Now you can use 2 different types of antennas, such as an omni-directional and a directional and also work great with the Range Extender antenna for the Splash Drone of Spry .

Flying in a straight line long distance in the direction you're facing, or closer 360 all around you and the diversity will automatically choose the best reception.

These goggles are made by Skyzone and come with all the cables you'll need to get going, and includes an imbedded head-tracker. Power the goggles via an external battery, ~7-26v (2s or 3s batteries work great).

This is version 2.0 that does not have the flickering issue.


  • Built-in 48CH 5.8G Diversity that is compatible with most FPV 5.8G transmitters on the market (Foxtech, DJI, Boscam)
  • Built-in self calibrating headtracerk using a combination of gyros, inertial sensors and compass
  • Dual 854X480(WVGA) LCD Monitor,  1,229,760 color sub-pixels
  • Built-in external camera for surrounding view (640X480)
  • A/V in A/V out Earphone socket


  • Skyzone Diversity FPV Goggles
  • Carrying case
  • Futaba data cable
  • JR data cable
  • WFLY data cable
  • A/V cable
  • Power cable
  • 2x 5.8G 2dBi antenna
  • Manual

Video Goggles for Spry and SwellPro Splash Drone